Isabel Washington Powell and Joyce Burnett

As a native of Los Angeles, California, Joyce Burnett has always been interested in music, entertainment and fitness. She knew little, however, about the dynamic sounds and lifestyle of the Harlem Renaissance until she ran head on into Isabel Washington Powell, the glamorous showgirl from the 1920ís who married the late Congressman Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. From the moment they met, Joyce was enthralled by the vivid pictures Belle painted of her life.

The motivating factor for Joyce in writing this book was that Belleís story absolutely had to be included in the historical record. Belle reminded Joyce of her own Aunt Ceola. She dressed impeccably, cooked better than most chefs, and approached situations with a touch of sass. Belleís life was truly fantastic. It was the best story that had never been told.

Joyce began this project shortly after publishing an article on her experience as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania. She worked closely with Belle for almost ten years to record this incredible story. Belle was very pleased with the early draft of Adamís Belle, but sadly, she passed away before her story was published.

Joyce holds degrees from Wesleyan University, Johns Hopkins, and American University. She remains an avid fitness enthusiast.

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